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Creating Snowflake UDFs with ChatGPT: A Guide for Analysts

As data analysts, we often find ourselves needing specialized functions in Snowflake. Working in Financial services, there are specific Excel functions that provide significant value. I had a need but developer resources were not readily available‚Ķ Until ChatGPT changed everything!

Now, with the help of ChatGPT even non-developers can prototype and experiment and contribute powerful capabilities. For Snowflake User Defined Functions (UDFs) in particular, ChatGPT is a game changing resource for self paced learning, debugging, and translating existing concepts and patterns you know into Snowflake.

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Ryan Goodman Founder
Ryan Goodman has been in the business of data and analytics for 20 years as a practitioner, executive, and technology entrepreneur. Ryan recently created DataTools Pro after 4 years working in small business lending as VP of Analytics and BI. There he implanted an analytics strategy and competency center for modern data stack, data sciences and governance. From his recent experiences as a customer and now running DataTools Pro full time, Ryan writes regularly for Salesforce Ben and PactBub on the topics of Salesforce, Snowflake, analytics and AI.