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DataTools Metrics Glossary

Your Metrics Glossary for Salesforce

Connect your business metrics, KPIs, and semantics to your Salesforce reporting and dashboards.

Salesforce Metrics Glossary Features

Salesforce Metrics Glossary

Bring Salesforce, data, and analytics teams together

DataTools Pro metrics glossary for Salesforce was designed first and foremost to bring your Salesforce admins, data engineers, and analytics pros together into one common dictionary. Quickly create, export and distribute the right metrics to the right team members.

Metric Analyst

Recommended metrics built on your dashboard structure

Our team has reversed engineered the metrics gathering process for Salesforce into clicks. Save days or weeks of information gathering and research and produce a metrics glossary based on your existing dashboards and reports.

Salesforce Metrics Dashboard

Manage Salesforce metrics, reports and dashboards

Manage your dashboard and reports with alignment to your business metrics and KPIs. Manage, curate, and track reports as your certified source of truth across business, Salesforce, and external BI tools with data teams.

Link Salesforce Metrics

Model your performance metrics, KPIs and semantics

Categorize your metrics by lines of business and organizational topics. Manage how metrics relate and impact one another. Your metrics glossary builds a semantic dictionary for managing your business within Salesforce.

Traditional metrics requirement gathering takes days or weeks!

Traditional metrics requirement gathering

PROBLEM: Traditional metrics requirement gathering is a an involved, cross-functional process. It requires meetings, research, and technical documentation. That documentation is often outdated or incomplete as business dynamics change. Our team has spent weeks or even months in metric and KPI scoping sessions only to find self service reporting, dashboards, and analytics evolve beyond the scope or documentation. If a document does exist, it’s often outdated, disconnected and downstream from business and Salesforce team visibility.

Our novel DataTools Pro method reverses and automates the process into clicks.

Automated Salesforce Metrics Glossary

SOLUTION: When starting a new reporting and analytics project, the first asset you need is a metrics glossary. Most existing organizations have a plethora of self service dashboards and repots that house the necessary meta-data to create a metrics glossary. That led us to have built a patent pending method that reverse engineers your existing dashboards into consolidated list of metrics ready for review by your business stakeholders. With a live, connected glossary you can continuously monitor changes and refine your metrics glossary that gets smarter as it is grows!

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