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DataTools Product
Building ERDs and Metric Dictionaries for FREE
  • Up to 1 User
  • For individual contributors
  • Connect to Salesforce Prod and Sandbox Orgs
  • Build ERD and Export Images
  • Metrics Management
  • Export Metrics and Dictionary to Excel
  • Data Migration Mapping
  • Knowledge Hub – Interactive Support
DataTools Team
Collaborate and build better visibility across teams
  • Per user per org
  • For SF Admins, Data Professionals and Analysts
  • Includes contributor features
  • User sharing
  • Fine Grain User permission control
  • Change Tracking
  • Increased limits on ERDs views
  • Data migration management
  • Expanded export options
  • Support ticketing
  • Custom branding and styling
  • Tableau Pulse metrics intake
  • Coming Soon!
    Increased metrics analyst dashboard batch limits
DataTools Enterprise
Enterprise grade support and API Access

+1 (702) 966-9360 OR
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  • For enterprise, system integrators and OEM partners.
  • Includes all Team features
  • Premium support SLA
  • Dedicated success engineer
  • DataTools Pro API Access and Integration
  • Expanded Custom Branding
  • Custom Sub Domains

Purchasing and Pricing FAQ

Is DataTools Pro really Free?

Yes! DataTools Pro is and always will be available as a free individual contributor tool in the spirit of helping individuals work faster and more efficiently. We will generally deliver features that are intended for self-service, individual contributor value. Because DataTools Pro is a Salesforce connected app, we leverage built-in Salesforce authentication, authorization, and multi-factor mechanisms designed to maintain the integrity of a user license.

How do I make purchase licenses for more users or upgrade to get more features?

DataTools Pro Team edition was designed for for self service purchase, activation, and sharing from inside of DataTools Pro app. When you go to add more users or manage your account, you can click “Need More Users” to get a direct link to our purchase page. As we continue to introduce premium features intended for teams, we will have other mechanisms in the product to purchase additional licenses.

How is my purchased subscription and credit card data managed?

DataTools Pro uses Stripe to manage all credit card processing and subscription management. To manage your subscription, it requires access to the email address you utilized to initiate your purchase. Currently all additional licenses and users requires re-entering your payment info. However, all accumulated seats are managed per DataTools account and email. Stripe uses a “one time password” method to access your purchase history and adjust your paid license counts. The Stripe powered “subscription Billing and subscription management link assessable from within DataTools Pro app on any settings page.

Stripe link to billing and subscription managment

Can I transfer access or ownership of my paid subscription?

Any non-self service requests related to paid subscription must be handled via support request and requires direct access to the email you used to create the subscription. Please contact us at to have billing requests routed to the correct contact. If you delete your DataTools Pro account, all subscriptions renewals are immediately cancelled and you will not be charged for future account purchases.

Do you offer trials for premium features for teams and enterprise versions?

Currently we provide access to all features except our DataTools Pro API through our free DataTools Pro app. When users attempt to enable a premium feature we will designate or prompt for upgrades. This is to allow users to experiment and explore the full breadth of capabilities.

Can my internal finance or accounts payable team get access to purchase?

We can provide alternative purchase methods and invoicing for team edition, allowing finance and accounts payable to enable your subscription or annual license via purchase order. Direct purchasing should be directed currently through our email.

Where can I get more info on pricing and billing?

Feel free to contact us, and we are happy to answer all of your questions!

Tel: +1 (702) 966-9360

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