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Accelerate your Data Migration Project 20% Faster!

Supercharge your Salesforce data migration tool kit with our free data mapping, dictionary, and SQL generator.

Salesforce Data Migration Data Tools App

Stay Organized Effortlessly

We built our Salesforce data migration tool with process and project management in mind. Keep your data migration project in front of you with minimal work.

Work Smarter with AI

Let Chat GPT artificial intelligence do some of the lifting you! Research, learn, and document your data for migration, analytics, and Salesforce admin data dictionaries.

Migrate to Salesforce Faster

Data mapping and sign off with data, business, and analytics teams can be time consuming and painful. We are working to make that process faster and easier with export to Excel and usable code.

DataTools Migration Mapping Features

Project Scorecard – Object level progress

Dictionary/Mapping Connected to Salesforce

Map and Manage Metadata and Types

Mockup SQL Code with Notes for your Engineers

Datameer Webinar

See our Migration Blueprint Action with Datameer

Learn best practices and common pitfalls to avoid during data migration, and how we are using Datameer to handle all wrangling end to end.

More Salesforce Data Migration Resources

Here are resources to help you plan and support a successful data migration into

Salesforce Data Migration Infographic

Migration Launch Infographic

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Salesforce Data Migration Plan to Success

Salesforce Migration Guide

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Salesforce data migration checklist

Notion Migration Checklist

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Salesforce data migration pitfalls

Avoid these 3 Data Migration Pitfalls

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