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Salesforce Entity Relationship Diagram

DataTools for Salesforce

DataTools for Salesforce simplifies metrics management and is designed to bring your Salesforce and data cloud professionals together.

DataTools Features

DataTools for Salesforce manages your organization’s metrics and data dictionary. It provides connected reference documentation to help your Salesforce, data, and analytics teams collaborate while building your modern data cloud.

Metric Analyst

Metrics Glossary for Salesforce

Metrics Glossary helps you track and update your Salesforce metrics, ensuring your documentation keeps pace with your evolving business processes. This tool helps Salesforce administrators, data analysts, and analytics professionals understand how metrics, reports, and business topics are related. You can easily publish and export your metrics glossary.

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Salesforce Entity Relationship Diagram

Interactive Salesforce ERD

Entity Relationship Diagrams effortlessly visualizes connections between Salesforce objects using intuitive color-coding. Auto-generate and organize your Salesforce Entity Relationship diagram by selecting the relevant objects from your dictionary. Then create and organize your Salesforce ERD visuals by business topic, initiative, or application.

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Salesforce Data Dictionary

Data Dictionary was created for analysts, admins and data professionals who want quick access to Salesforce objects and fields aligned to business initiatives. Unlike Excel or published data dictionaries, we keep a live connected documentation asset focused keeping track of what changed and reporting and analytics impact.

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Salesforce Data Migration

Data Migration mapping tool is designed for object and field mapping process process management. Keep your migration on track effortlessly and streamline the task of mapping data points from your source system. We replace spreadsheets and help you generate usable SQL code to iterate between field mapping and ETL for data migrations of all sizes.

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