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We are the Easy Button for Salesforce Data Migration

We are Salesforce data migration specialists and analytics professionals. Our passion for data-driven processes led us to create our Migration Blueprint to help customers and partners launch faster with more predictable data migrations.

What you can Expect

We’re here to help you navigate your Salesforce data migration and analytics needs.

  1. People with Passion for Data
    We recruit and train the best talent who love solving tough data challenges who enjoy fast paced delivery timelines.
  2. Proven Process and Blueprint for Success
    We use an agile process that you can plug and play into your project. Our DataTools App provides a birds eye view of your migration from start to finish.
  3. Fast and Predictable Data Preparation
    We prepare and analyze your data with best of breed tools built for speed. We accelerate your data migration while passing the savings to you.
Customer success story

“Our data migration to Salesforce was successful thanks to the support of Data Tools Pro. Ryan’s expertise and agile data platform allowed us to meet our tight timelines while migrating our donation management, volunteer time entry, and program management into the Nonprofit Success Pack in Salesforce. We appreciate Data Tools Pro’s support and would recommend their services to others looking for a reliable data migration partner.“

Matt Hamwey – IT Manager
Hagar’s Sisters

Salesforce Data Migration Assessment

01. Plan and Inventory your Salesforce Data Migration

Our online migration assessment is the first step to prepare and plan your Salesforce data migration. From there, we will meet with you and your team to prepare a complimentary Migration Checklist.

02. Map and Define Data Data Relationships

Our free DataTools App Project Scorecard and detailed Object Dictionary tools help and business, salesforce, and migration teams work together to connect the data points between your existing application and your new instance.

We navigate and share your Salesforce Entity Relationships with our free Salesforce ERD tool.
Slice and dice your Salesforce data with Datameer with no code visibility to how your data will look when it's migrated to Salesforce.
Datameer provides point and click visibility of your data before and after it goes into

03. Validate, Analyze and Prepare Data

As data and analytics pros, slicing and dicing data is our specialty! We analyze and prepare your data to be imported directly into Salesforce with our modern data platform, Snowflake & Datameer and Azure. We provide everything you need inside your environment or as a service for the migration project.

Tech Article: Learn how we use these technologies to power analytics as a service

04. Harmonize, Move & Test Process

The secret sauce to successful migration execution is automated end to end testing. The end result for go-live is end to end migration with the single click of a button. We provide a ready made toolkit to stage, secure, and transmit your data into Salesforce.

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We click 1 button to kickoff your data migration process with Azure Datafactory
We click 1 button to kickoff your migration progress in Azure Datafactory using our pre-built blueprints.
Predictable results through proven, battle tested Data Migration process
Predictable results through proven, battle tested process and technology.

05. Manage and Document Salesforce Migration Project

We deliver predictable and consistent results through an agile, iterative development and delivery so you can launch your on a solid data foundation.

Feel free to dive into our detailed data migration guide

Want to start planning your migration?

A successful data migration starts with a solid plan. We have created an online self assessment and recommendations report to kick off the process. Feel free to Contact Us or Schedule a Meeting anytime for more info.