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Snowflake and Microsoft Expand their Data and AI Partnership

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Snowflake and Microsoft, announced a press release at Snowflake Summit 2023 that they are expanding their partnership promising substantial advancements for data scientists and developers. This enhanced collaboration is set to seamlessly merge Snowflake’s Data Cloud with Microsoft’s Azure ML, extending its capabilities through the potent combination of Azure OpenAI and Microsoft Cognitive Services.

This strategic alliance means that Snowflake and Microsoft Azure shared customers will gain access to the cutting-edge frameworks of Azure ML, a streamlined process for machine learning development right through to production, along with integrated continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes.

But this partnership doesn’t stop there. Snowflake is setting its sights on creating even more meaningful integrations with a host of Microsoft offerings, aiming to elevate the user experience even further. These plans include closer ties with Purview for advanced data governance, Power Apps & Automate for simplified, low code/no code application development, Azure Data Factory for efficient ELT processes, and Power BI for intuitive data visualization, among others.

The end goal? To foster a seamless ecosystem that capitalizes on the synergies between Snowflake and Microsoft’s product suites, unlocking new possibilities and delivering unparalleled value to users.

At DataTools Pro, we couldn’t be more excited to see our favorite data platform, Snowflake, with new enhancements that make data management easier. Azure balances powerful data management with scalable cost that makes sense for our clients. Additionally PowerBI continues to advance its dominance for Business Intelligence. We have been working with Snowflake and Microsoft together for years and have built a toolkit that can help you jumpstart Snowflake and Azure integration.

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