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Data Tools Pro for Salesforce Admins

Data Tools Pro is a simple meta data management app for administrators that also includes project management features for data migrations and data/metric dictionaries. Unlike using Excel and other manual solutions, Data Tools Pro is connected meta data designed to track changes. We are working directly with Salesforce admins and users with 1 goal. Reduce manual, redundant work.

Common Data Migration Challenges

Excel based data mapping is built on a snapshot of your Salesforce objects.

Manual export of Excel spreadsheets sheets

Slicing and Dicing shared spreadsheets and accidentally changing other user’s work

Communicating field mapping requirements and relationships with data team

Keeping track and communicating project progress

Throw away work when migration is complete

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Data Tools Pro Migration Solution

Simple app for data mapping, dictionary, and tracking connected directly to Salesforce

Work out of one app with Salesforce and source schema

Native Filtering and Sorting

Notes and logic expressed in code and/or plain English

Native data migration project scorecard

Ready made data dictionary and metric dictionary

Salesforce Admin Data Tools Migration Resources

Here are resources to help you plan and support a successful data migration into

Salesforce Data Migration Infographic

Migration Launch Infographic

Salesforce Data Migration Plan to Success

Salesforce Migration Guide

Salesforce data migration pitfalls

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