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Salesforce Entity Relationship Diagram

Create a Salesforce Entity Relationship Diagram

Build a Salesforce ERD with a few clicks. Interact, drill and share cost free!

How to Create a Salesforce Entity Relationship Diagram with Data Tools Pro

When you work on any data tasks inside or outside of, the fastest way to orient yourself to the Salesforce data model is entity relationship diagrams. This visual representation of the Salesforce ERD helps Salesforce, data, analytics, and business teams to understand the relational data model.

  1. Sign up and Login with your Salesforce User – It’s free.
  2. Select the Salesforce objects that you would like to visualize and manage.
  3. Click Entity Diagram
  4. Explore, Export and share your Salesforce ERD.

What is a Salesforce Entity Relationship Diagram?

A Salesforce Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) is a visual representation of relationships between different objects within a Salesforce organization. This includes standard or custom objects like Leads, Accounts, and Contacts. A Salesforce ERD highlights various connections between these objects by connecting them visually within a diagram. These relationships are configured in Salesforce using lookup, master-detail, and many-to-many relationships, providing a comprehensive overview of the Salesforce data model. Salesforce Entity Relationship Diagrams is a great visualization tool for data management, decision-making related to a Salesforce data model.

What does it cost to build a Salesforce ERD ? provides an out of the box schema builder that provides a comprehensive entity relationship diagram. DataToolsPro is a free Salesforce ERD tool. There are premium third party entity relationship diagram solutions like LucidCharts which has our favorite.

Can I view all of the fields in each ERD object?

Currently DataTools Pro only renders lookup, rollup, and master detail relationships. If our users request this function, we will gladly add it.

Salesforce ERD Tool

Salesforce Entity Relationship Diagram

Connected Live ERD for Salesforce

Connect to Saleforce and select objects within the DataToolsPro dictionary. Generate your ERD for Salesforce with a single click.

Salesforce ERD

Visualize Salesforce Object Relationships

View relationships between Salesforce objects using intuitive color coding. Interact and organize your Salesforce Entity Relationship

Drill and Export your Salesforce ERD

Drill from object relationships into fields with DataToolsPro. Export your Salesforce ERD to image formats like PNG and SVG.

Let us help you start your Salesforce Entity Relationship Diagram!

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