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New ChatGPT Store is Proving Ground for DataTools Pro GPT

DataTools Pro GPT

OpenAI unveiled a new ChatGPT Store and teams subscription, further asserting their dominance in mass adoption of Generative AI. The new OpenAI GPT Store is rolling out after a huge surge of creativity from a community of creators. There are over 3 million custom GPTs. OpenAI is initially rolling out this new store to ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise users.

ChatGPT Store
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Our First New ChatGPT Store Release: Marketing Metrics DataTools Pro

To participate in this exciting GPT Store launch, we released Marketing Metrics DataTools Pro GPT. This was a great opportunity to use our own curated metrics database. Participating in the excitement and initial launch of ChatGPT store is a great opportunity to safely test. Additionaly, we are using our own GPT for internal product marketing competency, design and rollout of DataTools Pro metrics glossary.

New ChatGPT Teams

The second exciting announcement from OpenAI is the release of ChatGPT Teams. For $30/month, this license provides an affordable solution for any business. We ae betting big on collaborative AI and AI agents. These ChatGPT releases are not the point of arrival for AI mass adoption. It is one point along a path to help you boost adoption, understanding, and competency with AI.

Keeping Pulse on AI Agents Advancements

At DataTools Pro, our vision and role is to help curate critical semantic data in the form of intelligent metrics glossary. When you adopt AI agents, creating awareness fluency in your business terminology is what will make or break your AI experience. If you ae trying to make sense of OpenAI ChatGPT, Azure GPT, or Salesforce GPT we are here to help you de-mystify and plan accordingly. Our team is working to simultaneously support them all!

Creating Snowflake UDFs with ChatGPT: A Guide for Analysts

Chat GPT Snowflake UDF Developer Chat GPT Bot

As data analysts, we often find ourselves needing specialized functions in Snowflake. Working in Financial services, there are specific Excel functions that provide significant value. I had a need but developer resources were not readily available‚Ķ Until ChatGPT changed everything!

Now, with the help of ChatGPT even non-developers can prototype and experiment and contribute powerful capabilities. For Snowflake User Defined Functions (UDFs) in particular, ChatGPT is a game changing resource for self paced learning, debugging, and translating existing concepts and patterns you know into Snowflake. Migration Research Q&A with ChatGPT

ChatGPT from OpenAI is a very powerful generative AI system for research that has quickly captivated millions of users.

I decided to put ChatGPT to the test to do a focused Q&A session about moving to and how to plan for your data migration. The results were absolutely amazing!

Check out this article on Medium to get the most common questions answered by ChatGPT about moving to and what to expect for migrating your data into Salesforce:

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