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We Forge Data Tools that Support Your Decision Intelligence Transformation.

Our team is re-approaching traditional business and data challenges with a fresh perspective, thanks to rapid AI advancements. Our primary technology engineering focus is AI-assisted metric discovery and meta data management for Salesforce.

Our fuel for growth is the co-innovation projects with customers and technology partners within the Salesforce and Snowflake ecosystem.

With a passionate team of experts and an unwavering passion for solving business challenges using data, we set a course as DataTools Pro in 2023. We design solutions focused on people, data, process, and technology, in that order. Generative AI is one of the missing link that we are actively working to integrate to solve long standing bottlenecks to turn data into knowledge.

At DataTools Pro, our mission is to help you unlock the immense potential of your data assets, fostering growth, and driving innovation.

Our Journey

Our Team

Ryan Goodman created DataTools Pro in late 2023 with a long time collaborator, after 5 years working in small business lending as VP of BI and Analytics. Prior, Ryan founded and ran an enterprise software company, CMaps Analytics, for 10+ years serving over 700 customers globally. Ryan blends his 20 years of experience as a customer, entrepreneur, and hands on analytics practitioner to lead DataTools Pro product vision and go to market strategy.