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Putting Salesforce Metadata To Work with New DataTools Pro

We built DataTools Pro first and foremost for individual contributors who understand the impact of turning the treasure trove of Salesforce metadata into real time savings. The bi-product of DataTools Pro new Salesforce metadata analysis and generation tools are information assets that will help business and soon AI agents learn and understand the relationships between your data, analytics, Salesforce, and other business applications.

The same way “metadata” connects and explains relationships and meaning of data, we want to transform explanation into true understanding between data, Salesforce, and analytics teams.

The key to Salesforce Data Cloud success is mastery of meta data. In the most recent Salesforce earnings call, meta data was a hot topic.

“But the AI is not going to work because it needs to have the seamless, amalgamated data experience of data and metadata. And that’s why our data cloud is like a rocketship.”

Marc Benioff

We are excited to share some new DataTools Pro features that puts Salesforce metadata to work for you to accelerate onboarding for data workers and soon for new AI agents!

A smarter Metrics Analyst AI – Contextual metrics recommendations

We are rolling out the second release of our Data Analyst AI to round out our original vision to ensure recommendations get smarter as your library of metrics grows. We we have improved results and automate relating dashboards and reports to metrics as one automated step.

Lookup for updates and announcements where we will showcase how Metrics Analyst AI takes common change management challenges head on!

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Metrics Analyst AI for Salesforce

Visualize your metrics influence – Metrics map data visualization

There is no better way to conceptualize and understand complex relationships than to visualize them. We have built the first node of our metrics map vision, allowing you to see at a glance, how a single metric relates to data, analytics, and business topics!

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Metrics merging

As your metrics library grows like any data set, so does your need to manage that data over time. While Metric Analyst will help make good recommendations, DataTools Pro is getting enhanced merging functions to make it easier for enriching and preventing duplicating metrics. We are actively working with our first power users to continue to expand our merge functions to balance fine grained control with automated recommendations!

Expanding metrics ingest and management with Tableau Pulse

We love the new Tableau Pulse advancements, making it fast and easy to build powerful metrics based analytics. As you implement and grow your metrics, library it will quickly require the same metrics management and relationship management that we are performing for Salesforce. Document and manage all of your Salesforce and Tableau based metrics in one place!

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Import and Merge from Tableau Pulse

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Ryan Goodman Founder
Ryan Goodman has been in the business of data and analytics for 20 years as a practitioner, executive, and technology entrepreneur. Ryan recently created DataTools Pro after 4 years working in small business lending as VP of Analytics and BI. There he implanted an analytics strategy and competency center for modern data stack, data sciences and governance. From his recent experiences as a customer and now running DataTools Pro full time, Ryan writes regularly for Salesforce Ben and PactBub on the topics of Salesforce, Snowflake, analytics and AI.