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DataTools Pulse

Manage your Metrics for Tableau Pulse

Document, monitor, and manage your metrics for Tableau Pulse Metrics with DataTools Pro.

Create a Consolidated view of Metrics for Tableau Pulse with DataTools Pro

Enhance your metrics for Tableau Pulse experience by relating, consolidating, and documenting them with more context to your organization. This powerful combination not only visualizes metric relationships but also manages and monitors them over time, ensuring that your data and analytics teams are proactive and fully informed. DataTools Pro connects only to your Tableau meta data so you can accurate and live metrics glossary that is no longer isolated to just 1 technology platform.


Connect and enrich your Tableau Pulse metrics with additional context, relationships between metrics, and links to supporting dashboards, reports, and analytics.

Lead more about Metrics Glossary


Visualize your metrics relationships to understand critical relationships and how metrics and KPIs impact each other and supporting analytics.

Article: Metrics Mind Maps


Track changes to your metrics over time to ensure tech, data, and analytics teams can be pro-active and answer the age old question: “what happened!?”

Documentation: Metrics Change History


Manage and launch your Pulse metrics alongside Salesforce reports and dashboards, while maintaining a single, centralized, definition and description of your metrics.

What is Tableau Pulse?

Tableau Pulse is a newly released feature within the Tableau platform that leverages generative AI to deliver personalized, actionable insights directly in the flow of work. It introduces a next generation Tableau metrics semantic layer for defining and standardizing metrics across an organization, and an insights platform that automatically detects significant data trends and anomalies. Aimed at enhancing data democratization, Tableau Pulse makes it easier for users at all technical levels to integrate and understand data through natural language interactions and visual explorations​

Tableau Metrics vs Pulse

Tableau Metrics, introduced earlier, focused on monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) through simplified visualizations but required a user to understand basic data concepts and visualization accuracy. Tableau Pulse, on the other hand, enhances this approach by integrating a Metrics Layer that standardizes and enriches metric definitions across an organization, and an Insights Platform that leverages generative AI to automatically generate natural language summaries and proactive insights, thus offering a more intuitive and inclusive user experience.

How does DataTools Pro enhance Tableau Pulse?

DataTools Pro Metrics Glossary enhances Tableau Pulse by organizing and standardizing metrics and KPIs from Salesforce dashboards into a structured glossary, which can then be integrated with Tableau Pulse insights. This integration allows users to standardize and centralize definitions, descriptions, and keep track of metric utilization across Salesforce, Tableau, and soon other data and analytics platforms.

Metrics for Tableau Pulse Resources with DataTools Pro

Import and merge metrics for Tableau Pulse

Tableau Pulse Tutorial: Getting Started with Tableau Metrics in 2024

Want to learn how to build your first Tableau Pulse metrics? We have created a detailed step by step tutorial.

Connect to Tableau Server

Documentation: Connect DataTools Pro to Tableau Server

Connect DataTools Pro to your Tableau cloud instance using a personal access token.

Metrics Mind Map

Article: Visualize your Metrics

Connect and visualize your Tableau pulse metrics to each other and other sources of truth using DataTools Pro:

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Let us help you start your Metrics for Tableau Pulse glossary !

We would love to understand and help you solve your toughest Salesforce and Tableau metrics management challenges.