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Salesforce Data Migration Tool Review

Salesforce DevTool Chrome extension provides ERD and

Free Salesforce DevTool Extension for Chrome

Salesforce DevTools extension for Chrome is by far the most useful Salesforce data migration tool for administrators looking to inventory objects and fields. For data migrations in particular this tool has been so valuable as a time saver and provided foundation and inspiration our own Salesforce Migration tools.

Generate Salesforce Relationships Diagrams (ERD)

In DevTools, similar to exporting an Excel file, you can also export a Salesforce ERD, giving you an entity relationship diagram with a few clicks.

Download Salesforce Fields to Excel

In DevTools, you can search and select a list of objects, then download the field definitions directly to Excel. entity relationship diagram generator

Workbench: Great for Salesforce Data Migration

Workbench for is a very useful free that offers the most functionality for working with Salesforce data. With a variety of administrative functions you can execute a wide range of tasks including but not limited to

  • Testing SOQL queries
  • Explore your data model
  • Explore the Salesforce Rest API
Salesforce workbench allows you to query and test APX

Workbench Trick: Mass Delete Records in Salesforce

Inside of Workbench, you can run APEX code, so one helpful trick is deleting data from a SOQL query which opens the door to not only delete more than the 250 cap but more importantly allow deletion of records for custom objects.

Here is an example code snippet shown above that would delete 10,000 accounts where we can specify any conditions like records created after 11-20-2022.

delete[SELECT id FROM Account WHERE CreatedDate > 2022-11-20T01:01:01Z LIMIT 1000];

Need more Salesforce Data Migration Tool Recommendations?

We are here to help provide recommendations for free and premium solutions to move data into Feel free to check out our Migration Assessment for to lean on our experience.

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