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Salesforce Journey Map Tips for your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Strategy

When designing and mapping customer journeys, starting with technology is a sure fire way to not achieve your marketing and sales goals. In this article on Salesforce Ben, Ryan Goodman, highlights some of the key persona attributes and expectations for moving customers through the journey.

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Ryan Goodman Founder
Ryan Goodman has been in the business of data and analytics for 20 years as a practitioner, executive, and technology entrepreneur. Ryan recently created DataTools Pro after 4 years working in small business lending as VP of Analytics and BI. There he implanted an analytics strategy and competency center for modern data stack, data sciences and governance. From his recent experiences as a customer and now running DataTools Pro full time, Ryan writes regularly for Salesforce Ben and PactBub on the topics of Salesforce, Snowflake, analytics and AI.