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March Madness: The Road to AI

Mach Madness Bracket AI

March madness is our favorite time of year where the top college basketball programs face off on their road to the Final Four. March Madness earned it’s name from intense competition and exciting buzzer beater finishes!

In the spirt of March Madness, we have our own road to AI where we are looking at 4 important factors that will directly influence near term AI adoption and success. Our team reviewed a list of 15 topics and narrowed it down to our own final four for 2024!

1 AI Ethics and Privacy: AI ethics and privacy tackle the moral principles and data protection measures critical to maintaining user trust and upholding human rights in the digital age.

2 Large Language Models: Large language models, like GPT, have transformed natural language understanding and generation, enabling more sophisticated and nuanced human-AI interactions.

3 Data Governance: Data governance ensures the proper management, quality, and security of data assets, serving as the backbone for trustworthy AI systems.

4 AI Chatbots and Co-Pilots: AI chatbots and co-pilots are enhancing work productivity and knowledge experience through large language models.

In March, we going to deep dive into these topics and let them face off head-to-head. We are set for an exhilarating journey of discovery and debate while enjoying a few weeks of exciting basketball at the same time! Join our linked in newsletter for updates!

AI Powered Picks for the 2024 March Madness

We created a GPT March Madness bracket bot available in OpenAI GPT Store to help anyone wanting to make pics based purely on season stats. The beauty of march madness is that the stats don’t matter as teams face off. We intend our stats driven bracket to be busted by the end of the first weekend!

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New Microsoft Copilot Studio Custom Actions

Azure CoPilot Studio

New Azure Copilot Studio custom actions have opened the door for us to connect live, connected Salesforce metric and data dictionaries into the MS Copilot experience. Over the weekend I jumped into Azure and setup a functioning Azure Copilot, trained on our website data, that is available for you to try out below. A little bit of work and reading landed us in the same place we found ourselves a few weeks ago while testing OpenAI’s GPT actions for the first time. In a similar process, I embedded our DataTools Pro app as an action, in the same time it took to finish a cup of tea.

Unlike OpenAI, Azure OpenAI and now Azure Copilot are designed with enterprise in mind with the full suite of Azure services behind it.

DataTools as a GPT

Microsoft Copilot Bot Live Demo

This weekend, I dug in and with only a few clicks, built a co-pilot built a co-pilot based on the DataTools Pro website. With a little more work, we were security connecting in real time to DataTools Pro API and surfacing Salesforce metrics as context to Copilot our own business. We will continue to update this live demo below with our DataTools API demo account connected to Salesforce Essential Metrics.

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Azure OpenAI and Copilot won’t fix your data

We are in unprecedented times with the speed that these AI advancements are rolling out and evolving. The real benefit of a Copilot is:

  1. Increasing speed and ease for consuming large bodies of information
  2. Improving the level and depth of understanding (for people who are inquisitive)
  3. Translating and communicating information (text and visual).

While the innovation and art of the possible is very exciting, a sobering reality is you still need to double down on the same data and metadata management and governance.

The path is clear with Azure AI services.

Microsoft has done an incredible job weaving AI into the existing suite of data services and tools..

As we officially roll out new and novel solutions with our DataTools App for Salesforce, we will continue to integrate our APIs throughout the Azure Open AI and Copilot stack. Schedule a call to learn how we can help bring fully trained co-pilots to your organization!

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