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How my Snowflake Powered Lead Distro Test Turned Out to be Reverse ETL

Snowflake Cloud Data Pipelines for Reverse ETL

A year ago, I worked on a small project to help us improve our data driven funnel. I learned what I called “Snowflake to Salesforce analytics sync” had a more buzzworthy term called “Reverse ETL.” This article shares some of the lessons learned along the way and some thoughts about where reverse ETL is headed.

Low Level of Effort Solution

All of the data and metrics were already available and calculated in Snowflake for reporting, so the process to push those measurements back into a Salesforce object using Azure Data Factory was quite simple.

The transformation work was prepared using Datameer on top of Snowflake which I had previously written about: Slice Through your Snowflake Data like a Buzzsaw with Datameer Migration Research Q&A with ChatGPT

ChatGPT from OpenAI is a very powerful generative AI system for research that has quickly captivated millions of users.

I decided to put ChatGPT to the test to do a focused Q&A session about moving to and how to plan for your data migration. The results were absolutely amazing!

Check out this article on Medium to get the most common questions answered by ChatGPT about moving to and what to expect for migrating your data into Salesforce:

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