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DataTools Pro Getting Started Guide

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DataTools Pro is a connected app. designed to enhance common task related to tagging, exploring and importing metadata.

What data does DataTools Pro access from
Data Tools Pro is designed to only connect to Salesforce object meta data (object names, fields) and record meta data for Reports and Dashboards (report names, folders, last updated date). Data Tools Pro does not access or query any of your object record data that would contain customer information.

Data Security FAQ

Connect to your Salesforce Objects

Object Explorer: By default you land on the Object Dictionary. The first step is to connect to the Salesforce objects that you want to understand, document, visualize, and/or migrate.

1. Click “Select Objects”.

2. Choose the salesforce objects that you actively manage for your job role.

3. You can organize and categorize your Salesforce objects according to any business function, module or app using our object views feature.

Field Dictionary:

1. Click on any object name

2. The field dictionary will display a list of all fields along with pertinent data from Salesforce. This information can be refreshed on demand, or for Salesforce admins you can navigate directly to the object inside of Salesforce to perform admin tasks:

From the field dictionary, you have a number of features for viewing field changes, navigate to Salesforce object manager (if you have the Salesforce permissions). View the Field Dictionary documentation for a complete list of features

Visualize your Objects in an Entity Relationship Diagram

1. Select the Entity Diagram button option on the top navigation bar to view an interactive representation of the objects you have chosen.

You can always return to the dictionary tab to add more objects. As you accumulate objects, your ERD can get very crowded. For context we provide object views feature for your ERD.

Manage your Salesforce Related Metrics and KPIs

Our roots as an “analytics first” team drove us to help organizations simplify curating and preparing a smart metrics glossary. We invite you to our new Metrics Dictionary Getting Started Guide!

Manage and Map your Fields for Salesforce Data Migration

If found DataTools Pro in search for a solution to help you with Salesforce data migrations we have a migration guide and brand new migration video series where we show you how we completed our own migration into Salesforce

Visit our DataTools Pro Support Hub

Visit DataTools Pro Support Hub

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