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DataToolsPro Data Security FAQ

UPDATED 2-9-2024

Business Model Transparency and Trust

DataTools Pro was created as an enterprise software as a service solution. DataTools Pro was designed to transform your meta data into information assets available only to authorized users that you explicitly grant access to. We do not co-mingle, distribute, build derivative products, re-sell, or re-use any of your data. Our freemium model is designed solely to boost user adoption and remove friction to onboard customers. The following security FAQ highlights what kind of data we access, process, and services we employ to provide the best user experience possible.

1. What Salesforce Data does Data Tools Pro App Access?

To provide the service / functions of DataToolsPro we read your Salesforce meta-data related to objects, fields, reports and dashboards. DataTools Pro is not designed to query and access record data which includes but isn’t limited to transactional data like leads, accounts, and opportunities where customer and PII is stored.

2. What Data does DataTools Pro persist in DataTools cloud?:

  • Only objects that you select are persisted and includes: Object Names (example “Account”, “Opportunity”, “Lead”). For the purpose of creating data and metric dictionaries.
  • Field Object meta data (example: labels, API names) : For the purpose of creating data and metric dictionaries.
  • Authenticated User Info for DataToolsPro including: For the purpose of identifying users and their relationship to their org, and communication with users.
    • SalesforceID
    • Full Name
    • Email
    • OrgID
    • Org Location
  • Report and Dashboard Object Meta Data Records (includes FIeld Names, last updated date, ownerIds: For the purpose of analyzing report and dashboard meta data and metrics.
  • End user Entered and Imported Data – Data that you enter into DataTools Pro can include but isn’t limited to metrics, lines of busuesiness names, tags, descriptions.

3. What is the Difference between Meta Data vs Record Data

In the case of DataToolsPro, when we mention accessing “meta data”, it means descriptive information about your Salesforce instance, like object and field names. This metadata helps you understand your organization and mapping of objects, and fields, facilitating the functions and value of DataToolsPro to you. DataTools Pro was designed to give you a faster way to understand and utilize this meta data.

On the other hand, “record data” refers to the actual customer data stored within your Salesforce instance. In Salesforce, data includes records such as customer information, sales opportunities, leads, documents, and any other specific information entered or generated by your users. DataTools Pro, in it’s current design is not designed to connect and access your record data.

4. Does DataTools Pro query Record Data?

By design, DataToolsPro is not designed to connect and retrieve any customer related data. However, Salesforce does in some cases store meta data as records. It is these scenarios where DataTools Pro is designed to pull records.

  • Field Meta Data – Field meta data is stored within a salesforce object and contains useful data points like created and laset updated date.
  • Report Meta Data – Report meta data is stored within a salesforce object and contains useful data points like created and last updated date.
  • Dashboard Meta Data – Dashboard meta data is stored within a salesforce object and contains useful data points like created and last updated date.

Does DataToolsPro App Access my metadata when I am not using the DataTools Pro App?

Currently DataTools Pro does not access any data or meta data when you are not using the DataTools Pro. The design and scope of DataToolsPro app does not currently require non-user invoked access to your Salesforce metadata if you are not using our DataTool Pro. Furthermore we force a refresh token timeout to eliminate any refresh or access of data by DataToolsPro. DataToolsPro requires an active Salesforce session and an end user actively logging into to access Salesforce meta data. We build on top of the session management of according to best practices and documentation provided here:

Is my Salesforce metadata shared to third parties?

We do not disclose, sell, or share or access data or meta-data retrieved from your Salesforce instance.

Does DataTools Pro save or push data back to my Salesforce organization?

Currently DataTools Pro operates as read-only meta-data analysis, mapping, and origination tool.

Can anyone at DataTools Pro access my data or Salesforce organization?

DataTools Pro employees and agents are restricted from accessing DataTools Pro production data. As such, support requests requiring access to your metadata or data can only be accomplished through customer led screensharing of DataTools Pro.

What geographies are supported and have access to DataTools Pro cloud?

Currently, we only support connectivity to North America Salesforce orgs into our DataTools App which is partially controlled through Salesfore authentication. In the future we plan to add availability zones in multiple geographies in Europe, South America, and Asia Pacific regions. Please contact our support team for the latest updates on our international expansion.

View Access and Region Availability.

What data is stored in DataToolsPro?

To provide access to manage and update your objects for migration we limit the data we persist in DataToolsPro to what is needed to provide support basic support and mapping. This would include field names, attributes, object names, report and dashboard names, and your user information and it’s relationship to your Salesforce instance.

If you need more specific field / object level definitions to support an IT security review / audit within your organization feel free to contact us directly and we are happy to provide a more detailed security concept document.

How can my Salesforce Admin remove and revoke access to DataToolsPro in salesforce?

  1. Go to Oauth Managed Apps, and locate DataToolsPro click on the hyperlink for users.
  2. Click on “Revoke All”

Can my Salesfroce Admin permanently block anyone in my company from using DataToolsPro


  1. Go to Oauth Managed Apps, and locate DataToolsPro click on the hyperlink for users.
  2. Click on “Revoke All”

How can I Close my DataToolsPro Account and Delete all Metadata / Data?

1. Go to DataToolsPro, and click the “Settings”, click “Delete my DataToolsPro account”. We will confirm deletion and purge upon confirmation.

2. An alternative option is to contact us directly using the same email you have registered and signed up for DataToolsPro Our team will field the request and confirm deletion through our customer support process.

How long does DataToolsPro keep my data ?

Our standard data retention policy is 12 months from the last time of last login unless you request data deletion from the process outlined above. Our standard practice is to notify users via email that data is to be purged from our systems unless a customer has requested that we stop all communications.

When access is revoked from Salesforce, does migration auto-purge my data?

DataToolsPro does not purge data automatically in the event DataToolsPro is revoked by your Salesforce administrator from Saelsforce automatically.

Unless requested directly, our retention policy covers destruction of data from the date of last login. Data removal can be requested to using the same email as the authorized user to Salesforce.

Where can I find the privacy policy and terms of use?

Privacy Policy

License Agreement

What security certifications and compliance does DataTools Pro have?

DataTools Pro is built on infrastructure and software as a service foundations that are SOC2 and ISO compliant. We have designed from the start our process, controls with compliance in mind and plan to have official certifications in early 2024.

What User Usage / Behavior Tracking is Being Used in DataTools Pro App?

Our team employs a number of third party software solutions to track user session and user activity and usage of DataTools Pro for the purpose of delivering personalized experiences, providing real-time support, tracking any errors, and malicious behavior. We do not employ technology that employees screen scraping, recording, or extraction of any data, or reselling of the usage data.

We have employed the specific software vendors with commercial agreements and privacy policies that are built on the same trust principles as DataTools Pro who is acting as a processor and value delivery.

  • Pendio – In app feature adoption, user paths, feedback, and guided tutorials
  • SalesIQ Chatbot – Used for live support that is connected to DataTools agents. Additionally tracks user sessions and relays utilization statistics.
  • Heap – Page view analytics gives us empirical data on usage and adoption.
  • New Relic – Logs page errors and interactions with DataTools server. This service is used for debugging and logging any activities that result in errors or falls outside of the intended use of DataTools Pro

Who is the Point of Contact for Security?

Ryan Goodman
1 (702) 966-9360
GoodmanGroup LLC DBA DataTools Pro.
1887 WHITNEY MESA DR #5317