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Object Explorer for DataTools Pro Dictionary

DataTools Dictionary provides Salesforce object exploration for your data dictionary. By design, the object management is designed for fast access to the most important object views aligned to your business.

How to Access the Object Dictionary:

When logging into DataTools Pro, by default, you will see the object dictionary.

Adding Salesforce Objects to your Dictionary

1. For DataTools Pro admin users, click on “Select Objects” button or click anywhere in the Saleseforce objects space to view a dropdown for all salesforce objects. If you do not see “Your Salesforce Objects” make sure “Show Objects is Checked”.

Note: The option to add more objects is not available for viewer accounts.

2. Select the object/ Objects by checking the box next to the object name. You can search for specific objects by Label or API name.


By clicking on the “Edit” button you can add notes for any object that are persisted for all users. We ae looking for feedback on notes and chat as part of data object activity management. Feel free to reach out to our team and share your needs for object management.

Managing Fields

To view individual fields within each object, simply click on the object name within the object table.

View and Manage Fields Documentation

Categorizing and Grouping Objects in Views

To organize objects together in one or multiple views, you can click the “Edit Views” button.
Learn More about Views