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Starting with our beta 4 release, we have started posting public release notes. Now, DataTools Pro users can check in to see what new enhancements we have added and issues we have addressed.

Feel free to submit enhancements directly to our team via chat or email. We will happily prioritize and get enhancements into your hands with our monthly releases!

Beta 4 – Released 2024-02-02

Data Migration

  • New configurable SQL Code generation
  • Field Auto-matching – Exact match rules
  • Static value mapping displayed as static in mapping table
  • Static value mapping properly rendered in SQL as a constant
  • Filter option for


  • Metric linking overhauled user experience
  • Fixed display bugs
  • Added linking “influence on” and “influenced by” labeling for clarity
  • Custom dashboard URL linking
  • Bug- Added auto-dashboard and repot refresh from salesforce on first use.


  • Last modified tracking for fields displays per object and field changes that have occurred to your Salesforce schema.



  • First shared user is on us in exchange for feedback.
  • Introductory pricing and payment via stripe introduced
  • Improved help experience with live chat and context specific help