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Ryan Goodman , Founder

Ryan Goodman has been in the business of data and analytics for 20 years as a practitioner, executive, and entrepreneur. Ryan recently founded DataTools Pro after 5 years working in small business lending as VP of Analytics and BI for Reliant Funding. There he implanted an analytics strategy playbook where he rolled out a modern data stack, data sciences, cloud analytics, and governance structure.

Learning from his experiences as a customer, Ryan started DataTools Pro in 2023 to share his learnings while ideating new tools. The driving force behind DataTools Pro is to re-think what tools are required in a world where generative AI agents exist as extension of your team. Ryan is working with his team building rapid deployment industry solutions using modern data, analytics, machine learning, and generative AI to shortcut the time to value for data and analytics teams in an AI augmented world.

Ryan’s previous startup venture led him 10 years running Centigon Solutions and then CMaps Analytics. There he led a bootstrapped team building Business Intelligence software tools adopted globally by more than 700 customers. During his tenure, Ryan served as product leader, focused on go-to mark strategy, marketing, technology partnerships, and served as “chief evangelist”.

Ryan writes regularly for Salesforce Ben on the topics of Salesforce Data Cloud and Snowflake and PactHub on the topics of Snowflake and AI.

In his free time, Ryan enjoys the benefits of living in San Diego California enjoying outdoor activities year around.